Drivers , Active Sync and Remote Display

The Big Giz Guide - Part 1

Active Sync and the Giz

So, youve bought a shiny, sparkly new toy! You open the box, its beautiful, its amazing its……a GIZMONDO! Welcome to our world.

This first guide will deal with what may seem to some as very basic, but to others mabye not. How to attach your Gizmondo to your PC using ActiveSync. And how to view your Gizmondo's screen with Remote Display.

Well, Hold Tight…..Here we go!

Difficulty Rating : Easy


1 x Gizmondo

1 x USB Cable

1 x Copy of Active Sync (Downloadable HERE Latest version is 4.2 )

1 x Copy of Gizmondo Drivers (Downloadable HERE )

1 x Copy of Remote Display (Downloadable HERE)

1 x PC

Install the Drivers:

1. Download and Unrar the Gizmondo Drivers to C:\Gizmondo.

2. With the Gizmondo switched on, plug it into your PC with the USB cable.

3. When Windows finds the new hardware, choose "Install From a List or Specific Location (Advanced)".

4. When you arrive at the box that says "Include This Location", Enter : C:\Gizmondo.

5. Click Next on any boxes that might appear, and "Continue Anyway" if you receive an error about driver signing.

6. Pat yourself on the back, your Giz is now installed.

Active Sync:

1. Download Active Sync.

2. Double Cick on setup.exe

3. Follow all the instructions from the installer.

4. Plug in the Giz.

5. Say no to pairing the device.

6. On the Active Sync main screen, if you click "Explore" you can now see the contents of your Gizmondo!

Remote Display:

1 .Download and UnRAR Remote Display.

2. Make sure that Active Sync is running.

3. Run ASRDisp.exe.

4. Now you can see your Gizmondo's screen on your PC!


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