Copilot 2006

This guide was copied from CoPilot 2006 on the Gizmondo by Lister

This guide is intended for those who want to run the CoPilot software on a different SD Card than that, of the original media…. such as a backup, or if you want to have games as well as SatNav on your SD. You must legally own the CoPilot software, this guide will not link to or mention of any Warez.

Most of us recent purchasers of the Gizmondo unit, were lucky to get the Bundle Deal that sold the Giz along with a copy of CoPilot 2006 UK Edition. Early adaptors of the unit were able to purchase it when it was released. Due to the nature of SD Card’s (Secure Digital), ALK (creators of CoPilot 2006 for Gizmondo) tagged their copy with a Secure Signature so it would only run on the original card. With this guide, you’ll be able to transfer your original media onto a secondary card, along with other applications, games, music and films, saving the need to keep swapping over SD Cards.

From your original CoPilot 2006 SD Card, make a backup copy and transfer that to your HDD, as in the example below:

CoPilot 2006 (File and Folder Structure)

The above is based on UK settings, your structure might look different if you were able to get one of the other more rarer releases (Europe / USA, these apparently didn’t make it to retail production officially L) It is possible to update the POI, which I will cover later on.

Important Files / Locations

In order to get this software working on a non-genuine SD card, there are to methods/paths you can follow:

  1. A Special Loader (aka LoadCoPilot.exe) – thanks Dack
  2. A util called “SDIDGenPC.exe” – signs an official code to the SD Card

With choosing Option 1), You need two files placed in a directory of your choice (I went with CoPilot 2006), and then depending on which Autorun you use determines how you name the files. I went with FireFly’s Autorun with the two files of the same name: ex: CoPilot 2006.exe and CoPilot 2006.ini, and if ya wanted a picture CoPilot 2006.bmp 268x88 pixels. You can edit the CoPilot 2006.ini file to point it to look at a different folder, if you chose to install the main data files elsewhere.

With Option 2), You need to copy all of the files over to the SD Card as mentioned earlier, insert this card into the Gizmondo. Connect the Gizmondo to your PC via the USB cable and run ActivSync. Providing ActivSync can see the Gizmondo, you can then run the special utility SDIDGenPC.exe that writes a Digital Signature to the SD Card to make it think its an original. It will ask for a name, give it the name of the folder that holds the data files GZAP200001 (best to stick with the standard name Gizmondo/ALK gave it) and then press the button. You will see a message on the Gizmondo screen, press the Play |> button. Now the software is ready to run.

Your now ready to run the software, which can be done from [Games] option on the Gizmondo’s main GUI menu. You should then see screenshots like below:

Points Of Interest – Update

Sadly the last POI update for CoPilot on the Giz was back in November 2005, and its incredibly unlikely we will ever see any new OFFICIAL updates. However, to update your CoPilot software, follow the instructions below:

POI Update from ALK

Download Safety Camera ZIP

1. Download the latest Speed Camera ZIP File from:- Here

Download Instructions

1. Download the latest Speed Camera ZIP File from above
2. Save to C:\temp
3. In My Computer browse to C:\Temp
4. Double click
5. In Winzip click EXTRACT
6. Point to C:\Temp\speedcam
7. Make sure that ALL files are selected, Open Explorer Window is ticked and Overwrite existing files is ticked.
8. This should open up a new Explorer Window pointing at C:\Temp\speedcam
10. Click EDIT | COPY
11. Insert your Gizmondo Navigator 2006 Storage Card into your Storage Card Reader (if you do not have one, you can connect your Gizmondo to your PC via the supplied USB cable and when ActiveSync has started, select EXPLORE and browse to the Storage Card).
12. Browse to \\GZAP200001\Save and then click EDIT | PASTE
13. You have now completed the installation. Wait a minute or two for your Storage Card to finish writing the data, and then start using the new Speed Cameras with CoPilot!

Useful Information

The diagram below should assist in the controls and in using CoPilot 2006.

Download: Gizmondo Navigator 2006 User Manual (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required)

CoPilot is very very simply to use, clear instructions and very precise, as it was written for the Gizmondo in mind. The downside is that its no longer supported by either Gizmond or ALK, and so no updates will be available.

Now that you can use the CoPilot as though it was on the original SD media, you can now begin to copy other content to your SD Card, such as other applications, games, music and movies.

I hope this helps,


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