The GizBoy is a port of gnboy. GizBoy does not support Gameboy Advanced games.

Gizmondo port by critical of gnuboyce 0.9.13-0.7, which in turn is based on gnuboy.

It emulates Nintendo GameBoy and GameBoy Color systems, complete with sound, SRAM and

gnuboy is licensed under GNU Generic Public License(GPL), as is GizBoy.
Source is available on request to the contact address below.

Source is available on request, or at:

To install roms they must be in a directory called "GizBoy" in the root of your SD Card.

The GameBoy ROMs must have the extension '.gb' and the GameBoy Color ROMs must
have the extension '.gbc'.


  • Stop: Start
  • Play: B
  • Fast Forward: A
  • Rewind: Select
  • Home: Toggle main menu
  • Speaker: Load State
  • Asterisk: Save state
  • Left and right trigglers: Page up and down through the ROM menu

Download from rxshorty
Download from Gizmondo Forums

This emulator was made availible by Critical from the Gizmondo Forums

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