Gizmondo Car Sunshade Mark II

Ok I think the world of Gizmondo is ready for my patented Mark II sunshade.


You'll see from the picture that there are one or two improvements to this design:

1. It fits to the cradle and not the Gizmondo
2. It's simpler in shape and design and less fiddly to attach.
3. It's made of soft foam so it looks a lot more professional and less homemade.

The foam can be obtain from most art shops (in lot's of bright colours if you really want)
I used adhesive backed velcro pads to stick it to the cradle (then it can be removed if necessay) but you could use permanent adhesive pads or maybe magnetic strips (like they use on fridge magnets)

Here's the template. Again I've put scale markings so you can adjust it for different print sizes


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