Compiling and installing KCEMirror for KDE

KCEMirror is an open source alternative to Microsoft's PPC Display Control application.

Due to a lack of maintenance and good documentation this was a bit of trouble to install.

1. Download the tar file:
2. Untar:
tar zxvf kcemirror*.tar.gz
3. Configure the code with the following path fixes:
sudo ./configure —prefix=/usr/kde/3.5/ —with-qt-dir=/usr/qt/3/
4. Fix a library path to prevent complaits about a lack of KDEPrint:
sudo export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/kde/3.5/lib/kde3
5. Compile and install:
sudo make install

To run the application connect the device with SynCE, left click on the SynCE tray item and choose:
\DeviceName\Run KCEMirror

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