Key VK Code Usage Description
Joypad North VK_UP Move Up
Joypad East VK_RIGHT Move right
Joypad South VK_DOWN Move down
Joypad West VK_LEFT Move left
Action North VK_LCONTROL Decline
Action East VK_SPACE Rewind
Action South VK_RETURN Accept
Action West VK_LSHIFT Forward
Left Shoulder VK_TAB
Right Shoulder VK_ESCAPE Menu
Piano 1 (left) VK_F1 Home Navigates to main screen
Piano 2 VK_F2 Volume Displays volume control
Piano 3 VK_F3 Backlight Displays backlight control
Piano 4 VK_F4 Alarm Signals emergency alarm
Piano 5 (right) VK_F11 Power Invokes power menu
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