The Big Giz Guide - Part 2

Windows CE Mode

Something that a lot of people might not realize, if they are new to the Giz, is that it is built on Windows CE (WinCE), but is hidden from view by the Gizmondo Menu System. It is possible to close this menu, and therefore operate your Giz in WinCE mode, this will allow you to run more apps that might not run under the Gizmondo menu system.

Difficulty Rating : Easy


1 x Gizmondo
1 x SD-Card
1 x PC with Card Reader
1 x Copy Of LocknLoad (Download HERE)


1: Insert your SD-Card into your card reader
2: Copy the contents of the above file to the root directory of your SD-Card
3: Insert SD-Card.
4: Click on Run Game
5: Select Locknload from the menu.
4: Your Giz will now be in WinCE mode.
5: Double click on the GizLaunch icon on your desktop to return to the Giz menu mode.

Credits to sweetlilmre, the creator of Locknload


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