Mains Charger For The Gizmondo

I sort of found this by accident really whilst looking for a mains USB charger for my mp3 player. I realised that this is an almost perfect way to charge the Gizmondo.

What you need:
1 x FR4NK5T3R Multipurpose USB lead. See here(Link Coming!) for details.

1 x Mains USB charger capable of at least 600mA.

I found mine on ebay for £5. It was supposed to be a 500mA charger but as you can see it is marked 600mA
Use the search words "mains USB" and you'll get about 900 hits. I have subsequently searched for 600mA and haven't found any but I did find some 1000mA chargers. Some of these also come with a car cigarette adapter also capable of 1000mA.

One nice feature of this charger is that it has a charging LED which is red when current is flowing and green when the current has stopped.

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