Make A Versatile Add On Battery Pack For The Gizmondo

Ok here's all you need to know to make a versatile add on battery pack for the Gizmondo.

Go to Maplin Electronics and buy the following parts:
1 x four AA battery box HF94C @ £0.49
1 x PP3 clip NE19V @ £0.29
1 x DC Jack 3mm x 1mm AQ86T @ £0.49
1 x Power adapter lead AQ81C @ £0.99

Cut and strip both the Power adapter lead and PP3 clip wires and join the white stripe power wire to the red PP3 wire.

Then join the two blacks together. Tape this up with insulation tape.

Now plug the DC jack into the power adapter lead so that the "+" on the Jack lines up with the word "Tip" on the power adapter lead.

Finally Clip the PP3 clip onto the end of the battery pack

Ok you're done. Now just place four AA batteries, either Alkaline, Nicad or NiMh into the battery pack making sure they are the correct way round and plug the jack into your Gizmondo.

You can of course replace the 4 x AA pack for a 4 x C or 4 x D battery pack but don't be tempted to plug a 9V PP3 into the PP3 clip.

You could also use a wall adapter as long as the voltage is around 5 to 6V. I have measured the current with an empty battery and it is 0.6A.

This rules out a USB adapter which was my next idea. (Or Does it?)

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