R66 2091

Route 66 on the Gizmondo

This Guide was taken from Listers Original source : Route 66 7.0.2091

This is a guide to show you how to run Route66 from an SD Card on a Gizmondo. This guide is intended for people who legally own the software, and will not in any means link or mention to Warez.

Well, you may or may not know, that Route66 runs on a PPC (which is basically WinCE) and as the Giz although somewhat hidden is built on WinCE, it is compatible.

So first thing, copy the files off of the media to which you purchased Route66, SD or CD to your HDD.

Route 66 (File and Folder Structure) <--- Click me ;-)

Route 66 (Download: Folder Structure) <--- Click me ;-)

The above file/folder structure is based on my preference, and is aimed on the UK settings. You can adapt and modify this to how you like, with your own data, maps, POI, language and help files…. - you should be able to obtain all this from your original source media.

Important Files / Locations

There are some key files to using this application, and again this depends on how you want to set it up. There are some files/folder in mine (such as: R66Navigate7Net.exe, Route 66) that are not needed. They are only there was I was using the card for summit else, and had other programs/data on them. I am using Zektors Launcher and therefore there is a folder called Route 66, which inside has Autorun.exe that launches the Application.

\Route 66\Autorun.exe is a very important file, as it's actually called “LoadR66.exe” which originated via the talented Dack from Gizmondo Forum’s and is a special application that first loads the Cursor.exe (to give you a mouse) and then second loads the Route 66 software. Not only this, but it also re-maps the keys to work some functions with Giz's own keys, and also keeps the screen from turning off the backlight/going dull.

In order for this to work, you need the following files in this structure, or it won’t work :(

{SD Card}\Applications\Cursor\Cursor.exe (Mouse driver)

{SD Card}\Applications\R66\R66.exe (Original application)

Following these instructions you should be able to launch the Route 66 software from the [Games] menu option on the Giz menu… once ya done that, ya then ready to use it…. ;-)

You'll notice it’s easy to use, reliable, and is very colourful and graphical…. and another bonus, it can also be updated to use the latest POI from TomTom, as you can see from my post here, or my Guide on Points Of Interest.

Hope this helps,


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