Service Pack C

This service pack, currently in testing and development, is a major upgrade to bluetooth and SD card support.

Features That May Appear In SPc:

  • WiFi SDIO (WiFi Card needed)
  • Full BT stack
    • Able to talk to "ANYTHING" Bluetooth and profiles Prolly used for various user settings per connection, voice calls As it already has TXTin facilities, it just needed a bit more code and the hardware to make calls.


  • New main GUI (Possibly Sweetlilmre GUI)
  • Autoload menus from SD-Card xml definition.
  • Plugins/Widget structure. Addon to the OS, like Yahoo and Vista, kinda…
  • Bug Fixes and unlocking on [GPRS], WIFI, and Bluetooth
  • GPS/GeoFence like alternative (The original feature is dead due to lack of service)
    • Speculated:
      • Sip phone/Wardriving facilities/Bluecasting.

Service End:

  • Giz Game Server (From This would be on top of WIFI

The development is currently being worked on by Otaku. Thanks to lister for the explainations of the features.

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