Sip Keyboard

How to install the SIP Keyboard.


1. Download THIS

2. UnRAR and copy all the files to your Gizmondos \Flash Disk\ Directory, using active sync.

3. Register "SIP driver and MSIM.reg" with TASCAL REGISTRY EDITOR.

4. Change the [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Loader\SystemPath] and Add \Flash Disk\ to theValue Data
using active sync and remote desktop viewer.

5. Reset your device using \windows\launcher.exe.

6. Next, in \Flash Disk\ , Run sipselect.exe.

7. Run SIPrc.exe, which is a simple utility to show and hide the sip Keyboard.

8. Download anathemas SIPBodge , place it in your \Flash Disk and run it.

9. Enjoy! if you set it up properly, then use locknload to boot in WinCE it will load fakecursor and the SIPkeyboard.

Credits to hagisbasheruk and TFGBD.

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