The Gizmondo Homebrew Team

The Gizmondo Homebrew Team was set up on May 12th 2007, It is a list of all the developers for the Giz.

Unlocked The Gizmondo for homebrew
Customized Gizmondo's SPb

Designed & created custom hardware for the Giz
Creates skins
Repairs Gizmondos

Lister Of Smeg
Autorun Guide
Disaster Recovery Guide
GPS Troubleshooting Guide
GPS Apps
CoPilot 2006
Route66 v7.0.990
Route66 v7.0.2091
i-Go 2006
TomTom Navigator 5.210
TomTom Navigator 6.000
Navigon Mobilenavigator|5.2.6
MioMap v3.0
MioMap v3.2

Custom WinCE Loaders

More details to be added soon

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